Renewable Materials Silicone Sealant Production Gets REDcert2 Certification

Posted on 12/3/2020 10:35:52 AM By Webwire

Munich-based WACKER chemie AG chemicals has received two important certifications from TÜV Nord for its resource-efficient system aimed at balancing the use of petrochemical based raw materials with an equal mass fraction of organic plant-based material in the production of its sealants.

The technology service provider has certified WACKER’S biomethanol-based silicone emulsions and fluids as well as its manufacturing system for silicone adhesives. In doing so it is extending existing certifications given the company for the biomethanol-based silicone products it already produces for industries in the paper, textile and consumer goods sectors.

This time the certification is issued according to the new REDcert² standard on mass balancing which allows for the use of both plant and fossil-based materials in a production system. Certain conditions apply, which include the requirement that the amount of biomass-based material is clearly determined and identified so that it can be allocated for use in particular products.

The company reports that its approach fits the standard’s requirements with its fractional mass balancing process which negates the raw materials and auxiliaries of petrochemical-based raw materials completely, according to the mass fraction of raw materials they comprise, by using an equivalent amount of methanol produced by biomass. This will in effect, make the sealants 100% free of fossil raw materials and, according to the company, will also make WACKER the first to do so with regard to sealant production.