Reebok to Launch Sensor-Sticker Fitness Tracker; Technology Could Track Health Data

Posted on 6/18/2012 3:02:01 PM By ASC

New York Daily News

Researchers with Cambridge, Mass.-based MC10 and Reebok are working to replace devices such as wearable wristbands with thin, adhesive sensor stickers. The companies hope to create a new device that features a smart sensing sticker developed by MC10. These sensors will be able to twist and stretch with the wearer. Mobihealthnews reports that the new device will be available later this year. MC10 is also developing the Biostamp, a sensor available for use in many different applications, including location tracking for kids, a tattoo-like sticker for diabetics to monitor blood sugar, or a first-aid patch to determine vital signs. BodyMedia also introduced a prototype of a disposable fitness tracking patch at CES this year. This device is intended to be stuck to the triceps, and can be worn for up to one week. This device tracks calorie burn, steps taken, activity levels, and sleep patterns with sensors that collect more than 5,000 data points per minute. The data can then be downloaded and the patch thrown away.

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