Quality Adhesives Become Critical as Chargebacks Hit Retail Suppliers

Posted on 2/13/2019 8:13:50 AM By ASC

For many manufacturers, shipping is the time when losses come creeping in. There’s a great deal of rough and tumble. Cartons ride on vibrating conveyor belts, can be subjected to a wide range of temperatures unless shipping environments are strictly controlled, and get loaded and offloaded, often multiple times, before they reach their destination. When carton tape gives, the contents are easily lost or damaged – but it’s not only the damage to carton contents that’s annoying retailers and costing their suppliers.

Retailers are looking to their suppliers to choose packaging – and packaging tape – that can take the punch, and they’re biting back by imposing chargeback fines on suppliers whose containers are prone to pop. Tape-related issues can include missing case seals, tape that doesn’t stick properly, and tape that snaps or breaks. The adhesives industry is poised to deliver quality products to ensure package and tape integrity and reminds manufacturers that quality Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Hot Melt products are critical to maintaining the integrity of shipping cartons and protecting the contents therein. 

Additionally, with retailers cracking down on package failure, using quality tapes and packaging adhesives becomes a bottom-line issue that cannot be ignored.

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