Preview of the January 13-15, 2013 Meeting of ASTM C24 on Building Seals and Sealants

Posted on 1/2/2013 3:33:22 PM By Bob Braun

In this blog I am reporting on the many activities that will take place very soon now in Ft Lauderdale Florida at the three day semi-annual meeting of ASTM C24.  C24’s current scope includes sealants, aerosol foam sealants, caulking compounds, elastomeric sealants, glazing compounds, preformed sealing tapes, and preformed gaskets.

ASTM C24 meets twice a year in January and June, with about 50 members attending three days of technical meetings. The Committee, with a total membership of approximately 250, currently has jurisdiction over approximately 100 standards, published in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards and available in electronic format by internet orders.  An annual membership includes one free volume of standards of your choice which for sealants would include all those which are active.  An “active standard” is a test method, practice, guide, or specification that has been reviewed and reapproved (either as-is or as-modified) by the C24 Committee members within the last eight years or less. Ken Yarosh is the current C24 Committee Chairman as well as the 2012 Chairman for all of ASTM.

ASC continues to partner with ASTM C24 on sealant Sustainability.  The last meeting in June provided more clarity to this issue and the C24 Executive Committee has now been charged with developing further actions, defining sealant sustainability, and then incorporating guidance into a C24 standard.  You can join ASTM Committees through links at and participate in standards development. 

These are the latest action items for the C24 sustainability initiative:

C24 ASTM Standards Videos are underway.  The is a newer activity that encourages each subcommittee to develop video summaries of their various standards and especially their test methods which can then be viewed via the ASTM web or even You Tube.  Chairman, Ken Yarosh, has personally encouraged this program and has posted a well done example for elastomeric glazing sealants. View it here.

ASTM C24.61 For Aerosol Foam Sealants in cooperation with ASTM staff and ASC encouragement has just initiated their plan to create videos for most of the standards related to foam sealants.  At the January live meeting we will lay out the plan details and seek participation from the appropriate testing labs.

At the Ft Lauderdale meeting nine subcommittees will meet to work on creating new standards, and revising existing standards.  I have listed these below.

C24.01  Terminology
C24.03  Citations
C24.10  Specifications, Guides, and Practices
C24.20  General Sealants
C24.30  Adhesion
C24.40  Weathering
C24.61  Aerosol Foam Sealants
C24.73  Compression Seal and Lock Strip Gaskets
C24.87  International Standards

In addition there will be a Sunday meeting of C24.90 (the Executive Committee), a closing Main Committee meeting, and the following special programs:
C24 Research & Liaison (R&L) Session: This meeting includes an extended R&L Session of a 1 ½ hour presentation and discussion on product category rules (PRC) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).  I expect this to be a very valuable and informative session on the current issues surrounding this subject.  Even if you would like to attend this session only it should be worthwhile.  You can find more details and register at and follow the links to the C24 meeting schedule.

Here is a video link to the ASTM program for conducting ILS (Inter Laboratory Studies) explaining the protocol and the need to establish precision and bias statements for test methods when ever possible.  C24.61 has just completed their first ILS for foam sealant yield.  The results and conclusions of the ILS will be presented and discussed in detail at the January meeting.

Here is a third video link detailing the history and scope for the 2008 formation of ASTM E60 on Sustainability.

In Blog #19, I will begin to explore building wall issues and the developing practices designed to reduce wall deterioration and failure against water and air infiltration.

In Blog #20, I will summarize the progress and results from this meeting and review specific actions for C24.61 on aerosol foam sealant.  I hope to see much progress on new test method videos.  Also, I will focus on examples of current industry application videos showing how these can both educate and encourage the use of sealant and adhesives when appropriately done.

Any Questions…let me know?

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