Preventing Packaging Line ‘Pop’ Openings by Finding the Right Adhesive and the Right Application Methods

Posted on 12/2/2020 9:32:18 AM By Brews News

Manufacturers who are finding unexpected ‘pop’ openings on their manufacturing lines from improper or inferior case and carton sealing adhesives are suffering from inefficiencies and costly downtime. Using the correct adhesive is critical to preventing these manufacturing faults.

Not all adhesives are produced equally, have the same benefits or best use practices, and certainly not all will be suitable for all types of cases or cartons. It can be costly finding that out when carton breaks and pops start appearing during production.

Two general problems with adhesion include the risk of charring, which can result in burnt adhesive sticking to lines or the inner part of nozzles, when using ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or metallocene; and the threat of product failure if the hotmelt adhesive is exposed to oxygen or subjected to a temperature that’s too high for too long.

When it comes to using highly recycled fibreboard for high line speed packaging, it’s important to choose a higher grade of hotmelt that’s able to bond well with the shorter paper fibres. It is also important to note that metallocene can cause difficulties when it comes to set speed and specific levels of adhesion on the same substrate.

Methods to enhance productivity, heighten package performance, and reduce overall costs include using appropriate amounts of adhesive to lessen the coat weight, fast set speeds with shorter compression time frame applications and thermal stability to prevent charring.