Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Dress Wounds

Posted on 4/20/2012 10:42:48 AM By Ann R. Thryft; Design News

Wound dressings that stick to the skin can be made from pressure-sensitive adhesives that have traditionally been used in food applications. Fabrico, a provider of industrial materials and adhesives, is converting hydrocolloidal adhesives for several medical uses, including short- and long-term wound care, surgical dressings, and ostomy applications. Medical use is a growing application area for skin-friendly (or "stick-to-skin") material. It includes a range of devices that must stick to patients' skin, such as components for medical equipment. Hydrocolloidal self-adhesives can be applied to many substrates on the nonskin side, including polyethylene foam, PVC foam, and polyurethane foam or film. Especially in some newer formulations, they provide alternatives to traditional wound dressings, because they are durable and cause little or no skin trauma. They are impermeable to water vapor when applied but become increasingly permeable and absorb more fluid over time, which helps them cope with continual fluids from wounds. The breathability, conformability, and thickness can be controlled by the dressing's formulation and fabrication methods.

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