Precise Design of Antifouling, Intelligent Adhesion Surfaces through Polyelectrolyte Brush Immobilization

Posted on 10/28/2013 2:03:40 PM By Atsushi Takaharaa and Motoyasu Kobayashia

Since surfaces and interfaces of soft materials play an important role in various technological applications, precise control of soft interfaces would greatly promote the innovation of materi-als science and technology. Hydrophilic polymers show unique functionality at various soft inter-faces. In this study, high-density hydrophilic polymer brushes nano-coatings were prepared on Si-wafer and various substrates by sur-face-initiated controlled radical polymeriza-tion. Chain conformation at liquid/solid liq-uid/solid interface was characterized by neutron reflectivity. Applications of polymer brushes as structural nano-coatings such as super hydro-philicity,antifouling behavior, and repeatable adhesion are presented.

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