On the Ground at PACK EXPO: ASC Members Deliver Value; Training and Bio-based Adhesives in Demand

Posted on 10/1/2015 8:15:29 AM By Matt Croson

This week, ASC spent three days at PACK EXPO Las Vegas.  In its 20th year, the show has grown to include 2,000 exhibitors covering 800,000 net square feet and over 30,000 attendees.
With packaging representing the single largest market for adhesives, ASC has always felt a presence is a good value to its members.
According to our recently published North American Market Report, packaging represents 8.2 billion pounds of materials in 2014.  ASC is also predicting a 3.1% CAGR through 2017.  
From hot melt, to converting adhesives, ASC members are delivering solid value to the consumer goods companies serving all of us.
While in the booth, we had hundreds of people drop in asking questions and looking for guidance.  Two main themes came up repeatedly:
1.  Are you aware of any bio-based adhesives?
2.  Is there any training program for adhesives?
Connie Howe and I were both surprised with how many inquiries we received touching on these topics.  Connie manages our technical services at ASC, and she is a polymer chemist who has worked in industry for 20+ having a technical ability in the booth was of strong value.
We drove attendees to our member companies at the show, and also promoted as a resource. Additionally, we illustrated how much the bio-based solution is being researched.  
I highly recommend looking at the Adhesion Society's website for the 50+ papers dedicated to bio-based adhesives or bio-mimicry solutions for more on this topic. 

For instance…

  • University of California is researching mussels for underwater adhesive applications,
  • Texas Tech is looking at mushroom-like fibers to determine adhesive strength,
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute is researching nanoscale properties of bamboo fiber to determine how adhesion may work.
ASC manages the Adhesion Society and are monitoring the incredible growth of this sector as it may impact formulation strategies 10 years from now.
The other booth trend was training needs within the space.  Everyone we talked with just recognized that they didn't know where to go for adhesive training. We spent time talking about the Council's long standing commitment to fundamentals training via our short courses, webinars and soon, our certificate program being launched in 2016.
Help spread the word!  At, we have more than 45 training sessions dedicated to all aspects of the adhesion and cohesion question.  We cover more than just the packaging sector.
Everyone we talked with felt that what we have is spot on.  If your customers need training, consider ASC as a primary resource to help us warm the market...then you can go back in and sell your product with your customer, now having a better understanding of the value of adhesives.
It is a win win win for the ASC, its members and the industry.