Nordson’s New EcoBead(TM) Pattern Generator Enables Easy, Economical Transition to Intermittent Adhesive Dispensing and Adhesive Savings

Posted on 10/3/2012 10:28:20 AM By

Nordson Corporation’s new adhesive dispenser is designed to save on materials without requiring substantial investment equipment or reprograming. Specifically, the EcoBead™ Pattern Generator delivers shorter dots or beads of adhesive that maintain the required bond strength while using much less adhesive. The EcoBead connects via a Nordson Saturn(R) SP solenoid valve to MiniBlue® II adhesive applicators. Through this setup, the EcoBead can be used with the programmable logic control (PLC) of equipment already in use. With the EcoBead, rotary switches are used in place of PLC reprogramming or stand-alone pattern controls. The rotary switches provide 40 pre-programmed, glue saving patterns. In addition, a USB programming device can supplement the pre-programmed options with 20 custom programs. The EcoBead is designed for use with Nordson OptiBond™ adhesive optimization solutions. It is compatible with a variety of devices that packagers may be using, including 24-volt control architectures, variable-speed and constant-speed, continuous and indexed packaging machines. Packagers who have adopted the EcoBead™ Pattern Generator have maintained bond strength with 30-50% savings on adhesive.