Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive

Posted on 6/12/2013 10:23:28 AM By ASC

Bioformix, Inc. recently supplied a sample of Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive to the writer of A Concord Carpenter for review. Nexabond 2500 is solvent-free and has a chemistry that allows it to bond oily or hydrophobic materials. In addition to wood, this adhesive can bond leather, paper, composites, plastics, ceramics, metal, and glass. Since its handling is similar to super glue, the reviewer tested Nexabond 2500 in parallel with a common brand of super glue. Nexabond 2500 and the super glue performed comparably, except on wood. In those trials Nexabond 2500 had a better immediate hold and performed better than water-based glues that require clamping and 24 hours to attain full strength. Overall, the reviewer found that Nexabond 2500 provided a very strong bond with high tensile sheer strength and dried quickly for almost immediate handling.