New Water-based Adhesive to Help Meet Increasing Demand for Paper Straws

Posted on 5/11/2021 8:02:58 AM By ASC

As the demand for straws moves from plastic to paper as a result of concerns regarding ocean pollution, and increasing numbers of regulatory bans are being placed on single-use plastics, H.B. Fuller has launched a new Swift Tak 5730 grade water-based adhesive suitable for the production of liquid-resistant paper straws which the company reports are more sustainable, as well as consumer safe.

This high-performance and plasticizer free adhesive, according to the company, is able to remain resistant to liquid for three hours, which longer than the resistance currently required for cold beverage use. This allows for faster operation, less downtime, and better productivity when using paper straw machines capable of production of over 500 straws in one minute, and, because it usually only accounts for 5% of the straw’s weight, the straws can be recycled or composted industrially.

H.B. Fuller reports that the Swift Tak adhesive’s technology, which provides for core winding and slot nozzle application for both straight straws and the bendable type used in box-packed cold drinks and juices, complies with industry standards of the German Federal Institute for Risk  Assessment’s Food-contact recommendations.