New Universal Structural Bonder Released as Part of Loctite Range

Posted on 9/6/2017 7:18:06 AM By ASC

Henkel has released a new adhesive intended for use in bonding dissimilar substrates. The company reports that Loctite HY 4080 tolerates extreme conditions, maintaining bonds despite temperature extremes and strong vibration. Henkel says that its new adhesive offers all the benefits of the Loctite range combined with an improved health and safety profile. The adhesive will bond a wide range of materials including plastics and metals and has proven resilient when subjected to drop testing and shock loading. It offers significantly reduced read through and has sufficient elasticity to maintain bonds even when two components are subjected to relative movement.

Additional benefits include a rapid cure time that is comparable to that of instant adhesives even when there is a substantial gap between components. This makes it helpful in joining components that do not fit well together even when they must tolerate impact loading. The adhesive will be useful in assembling durable consumer goods as well as electrical products such as lighting and could prove useful in the manufacture of sports equipment. Its improved safety profile stems from its low flammability and low odor properties.