New Two-Component Dispensing Valve for Adhesives

Posted on 5/24/2021 9:19:42 AM By ASC

Fluid handling equipment manufacturer Graco, Inc has introduced a new two-component dispensing valve aimed at improving process performance when dispensing two-component adhesives such as foaming urethanes and silicones which, because of their expanding nature and fast reactivity, are known to be difficult to accomplish.

According to the company, the valve provides consistent and uniform blending of these two adhesives, as well as with other materials that are also difficult to dispense and blend in various applications, and which can result in poorly mixed material that, in turn, leads to increased maintenance and downtime.

The company reports that in order to reduce these outcomes, the dispenser’s Voltex Dynamic Mix Valve is built with durable seals and check valves. It also uses disposable mixing elements, has a servo-electric motor, and an error detection technology and the valve integrates with the company’s metering systems which provide precision control of the meter, mix and dispensing process.

According to Graco, the two-component adhesive dispensing valve, which was developed with the emergence of various new applications in mind, and particularly those in electric vehicle manufacture, has already been put into use in foam encapsulation in the manufacture of electric vehicle batteries.