New Two Component Composite Filling Meter

Posted on 11/20/2019 11:18:05 AM By ASC

Nordson has launched a new family of light and easily-mounted systems for dispensing small volumes (ranging from 0.05 cc to 25 cc) of composite fillers and other similar materials. 

According to the company, the newest member of the Nordson Sealant Equipment Micro-Meter 2K family, the easily assembled dual linear servo, two component D2K meter, is aimed at dispensing for potting, gasketing, encapsulating, bonding and composite filling as well as micro-dispensing.

Nordson reports that the meter, which uses positive rod displacement metering technology to determine the exact volumetric ratio required by manufacturers, so ensuring precision, accuracy and control, also includes application flexibility and adjustment, with ratio changes possible using software inputs should they be necessary.