New Adhesive Translucent Display Film Offers Welcome Flexibility for End Users

Posted on 6/10/2021 7:36:52 AM By ASC

Schreiner ProTech has focused on combining flexibility and ease of customization in its new Color Laser Film Translucent, a multi-purpose labeling solution which provides for late customization, light permeability, and a strong and durable adhesive bond.

To achieve this aim, the company has included partial translucence, marking and adhesive bonding in the film for use in self-adhesive labels and nameplate sets as an alternative to pre-printed design films.

The company reports that in addition to providing strong adhesive bonding between display glass and device that’s also resistant to cleaning agents, it allows for customized light permeability of backlit displays when required by the marking.

The film shows its flexibility in allowing for late customization of specific version marking and laser inscription through the display glass. This, according to Schreiner ProTech cuts back considerably on the amount of display versions required, and improves their durability.