New Textured Concrete Sealant for Cracks and Gaps

Posted on 6/9/2020 9:09:10 AM By ASC

Concrete seems to crack easily in areas subjected to heavy vehicle or foot traffic. Unfortunately, repairing those cracks to last while at the same time avoiding replacing an unsightly crack with an eyesore, isn’t anywhere near as easy. With the introduction of a new textured concrete sealant, DAP aims at cracking the problem.

Regarding the eyesore aspect, the company reports its Premium Textured Concrete latex sealant is textured and colored to blend with most concrete materials. From a functional viewpoint, it’s formulated for durability with high elongation recovery and extension. The aim is to produce a long-lasting seal that is crack resistant as well as able to move and flex with the concrete under heavy traffic.

Though designed primarily for repairing concrete cracks in the garage or basement, on the sidewalk or in the driveway, the company reports that the textured latex sealant will adhere strongly to a wide range of substrates including textured walls, brick, mortar, grout, metal, stone and stucco. It also has a fast cure time and is paint-ready after two hours. Application is easy, there is no stain or bleed, and clean up is done with water.

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