New Specialized Adhesives for the Beverages Industry

Posted on 10/23/2017 9:49:51 AM By ASC

India has introduced a requirement for holographic excise adhesive labels to verify alcoholic beverage suppliers’ compliance with excise duties. However, existing adhesives lacked the required adhesion and cohesion to remain securely bonded to low-energy substrates.

After trialling an existing product with limited success, HB Fuller decided to develop a specialized adhesive which would match the requirements for a pressure sensitive adhesive specifically intended for the holographic labels. Apart from matching the adhesion requirements earlier products lacked, Swiftmelt 1908 will also allow for clean die-cutting. According to HB Fuller, the new product has the ideal balance of peel, tack and cohesion, and will maintain these properties over a broad spectrum of temperatures.

The beverages market will also benefit from a new water-based adhesive, Fulltak SE8301, which resists ice water exposure and has excellent alkali wash-off performance. Peel and reseal labels will also function better with the help of another new product: Lunamelt PHC 7194 ZP.