New Solvent-Free UV-Adhesive Offers Solution for Bonding of Elastomeric Materials

Posted on 2/14/2017 11:35:22 AM By ASC

Rubbers and elastomers have differing polarity, surface properties, and polymer structures. In the past, this has made bonding with adhesives difficult. Until now, cyanoacrylates have offered the best solution, but they have little resistance to impact and easily become brittle according to UK-based adhesives technology company Techsil. They have announced a new solvent-free UV-adhesive to address the issue.

According to the company, the product, Vitralit VBB-2N LV has low viscosity and high bond strength. It has been developed specifically for bonding elastomeric materials and cures quickly under UV or visible light making it well-suited to high-volume and automated production line manufacturing.

The new adhesive is suitable for bonding large areas and is effective when gap size is very small. After curing, the adhesive remains flexible with good environmental stability. Techsil says that its new product is suitable for use on most elastomers. Vitralit VBB-2N LV will be well-suited to medical applications, meeting the USP Class IV requirements. It can also withstand autoclaving, gamma irradiation and EtOsterilization processes.