New Silicone Sealants Based on Renewable Raw Materials

Posted on 5/25/2021 8:03:28 AM By ASC

Wacker has introduced its first range of sustainable silicone sealants formulated using renewable raw materials with the launch of the Elastosil eco product line. The company reports that methanol, the second most important component in silicone, was chosen as the material for formulation using bio-based materials from certified sustainable sources in accordance with the REDcert² standard. The standard confirms the traceability of renewable raw materials from the upstream process through production to finished sealant before allocating certification. 

The company reports that the Elastosil eco range, by using the bio-based methanol in its formulation, is 100% successful in encompassing, and compensating for, any fossil-based raw materials and additives in the sealants.  While Wacker reports that  it uses methanol derived from both fossil raw materials and from biomass, when used within an integrated production system, the portion of raw materials derived from biomass can be determined and allocated accordingly to individual sales products.

The new range is currently made up of 100 percent silicone sealants. These include acetic curing sealants, used in construction applications for their long shelf life; and alkoxy curing ones which have high adhesion and elongation for glazing, window, and for some industrial and sanitary applications.