New Resins for Additive 3D Parts Manufacturing Creates Industrial Partnerships

Posted on 12/18/2019 11:18:19 AM By ASC

3D printing materials manufacturer Henkel is going all out to increase its involvement in the sector by enlarging its Loctite range, introducing new resins for additive manufacturing, and driving the mass production of functional parts for various industries. It’s also recently teamed up with 3D printing technology company Shapeways to link its 3D printing materials manufacturing operations with the technology and production capabilities of its new partner. 

The partnership is to be followed by the launch of a multi-step program, Loctite Powered by Shapeways, which starts with the creation of a platform offering one-stop global access to both the materials and the technology needed to power large scale industrial 3D printing. According to Henkel, it will also enable the development of customized solutions for all of the 800 industrial sectors which use 3D printing in large scale manufacturing.