New Range of 3D Printing Resins Launced

Posted on 8/8/2019 7:01:00 AM By ASC

With 3D printing producing everything from small consumer items to massive structures and airplanes, Loctite has launched a new range of resins specially designed for the 3D printing industry, as well as a new resin 3D printer to create the products.

Loctite reports that the new range of resins is aimed at providing materials that will increase the effectiveness and quality of 3D printing, such as flexibility, high temperature heat deflection, impact and durability, and print resolution. The company reports that the four individual resins in the company’s new range include the high performance, low viscosity Silicone 5010/5015 which cures into a flexible silicone elastomer; the High Temperature 3860, which combines good print resolution with a high heat deflection temperature (HDT); the 3870 designed to be both durable and able to resist high impact, and the Ultra Clear 3820 for quality print resolution and clarity.

In addition, Loctite has also produced a new Resin 3D Printer, the PR10.1, for use in the manufacturing of 3D products.

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