New Quick-drying Flexible Concrete Repair Sealant

Posted on 7/16/2019 6:05:06 PM By ASC

Splits, spalls and cracks in concrete surfaces has remained a recurring problem in concrete surfaces. One company, 3M, has taken on the challenge of the safety needs and aesthetic effects from these concrete issues with a repair sealant for DIY or contractor use. The company reports that the new product can also be used for securing threading and anchoring in concrete surfaces.

The company reports that the sealant expands and contracts for durability, and can harden to any depth without shrinking or cracking. It is also self-leveling if slightly overfilled, hardens within 5 minutes, can be sanded to remove rough edges within about 15 minutes and painted an hour after application.

According to 3M, the solvent-free sealant is designed for use in construction as well as on shop floors, walkways and stairways, but can also be used for DIY application with a common caulking gun.


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