New Professional Grade Adhesive Gaskets and Sealants Launched to Prevent Gas and Liquid Leaks

Posted on 3/11/2021 10:06:58 AM By PR Newswire

Professional Grade adhesive gaskets and sealants designed to prevent gas and liquid leaks in pipes and hydraulic hoses for long periods, which GorillaPro reports do not need priming and won’t leave a drop or mess behind, have taken their place in the company’s new range of extra strength products aimed at the industrial sector.

The gaskets, which according to the company outperform rubber, paper and cork gaskets, offer a flexible gasketing solution for rigid machined flanges when applied with a 35ml gel pump dispenser and are said by the company to be suitable for securing differential cases, oil pans and transmissions.

The gaskets, which use an anaerobic formula, are resilient to high temperatures and pressures and withstand corrosion, according to GorillaPro, and won't relax, shrink or crack when used to replace pre-cut or compression gaskets.

GorillaPro’s sealant, developed in conjunction with H.B. Fuller, is formulated to withstand most chemicals and fill space between threaded parts on pipe fittings, quickly providing low pressure seals when used only on clean surfaces and in thin bond gaps and also protects critical mechanical components from liquid and gas leaks.