New Precision Fluid Dispensing Needle Valve for UV-Cure Adhesives

Posted on 5/16/2018 1:16:25 PM By ASC

Nordson EFD recently introduced its new xQR41V Series needle valve. The company says its needle valve has a 60 percent smaller form factor than conventional needle valves and that it is designed for customization and more precise process control. It features a patent-pending Quick Release clasp that will speed maintenance processes.

In addition, the smaller profile of the new valve will allow manufacturers to mount several of the needle valves close to one another, allowing for increased output. The reduced form factor allows for automated adhesive dispensing in tight spaces or at awkward angles while simultaneously reducing adhesive waste. The company reports that the need valve is ideal for multiple applications and industries, especially those related to electronics, automotive, medical, and general industry.

The needle valve is compatible with existing Nordson dispensing tips and can be configured to meet a variety of application needs. When combined with Nordson’s BlackPack actuator, it is capable of cycle rates of 60-80Hz or more. The company says that the new needle valve meets the design goals it set out to achieve. These were to produce an exceptionally accurate needle valve that would deliver consistent results across a wide range of fluid viscosities. The xQR41V Series needle valve, says Nordson, does just that.