New Potting Adhesive for Consumer Electronics Actuators and Sensors

Posted on 1/5/2021 12:04:47 PM By

Panacol has developed a new dual-curing acrylic adhesive for piezo actuators and sensors in consumer electronics. According to the company, the one-component UV curable adhesive has low viscosity, is transparent, jettable, available in custom colors to improve control, becomes fluorescent under UV light, and has a high tear resistance when bonding plastics and ceramics.

Panacol reports that the jet dispenser of the adhesive enables it to produce high UPF values, and customized colors can be produced to improve process control. It cures under UV in 320 to 390nm, under visible light in 405nm, and where light is not available, the adhesive can be cured using atmospheric moisture, and polymerizes reliably into a flexible glob top and potting compound which has low halogen content and offers protection against environmental impacts such as corrosion . 

The after curing high tear resistance of the adhesive has been specially optimized to meet  challenges like the different expansion coefficients of the ceramic and plastic materials, according to the company, but is also suitable for use as a protective coating and for those applications which are likely to be affected by compressive and tensile stresses.