New Portable Cylinder Spray Adhesive for Construction Materials

Posted on 9/11/2019 11:39:41 AM By ASC

3M has released a new portable cylinder spray adhesive called the HoldFast 70. The company reports that the new adhesive is versatile, eases application, and increases bonding speed making it suitable for joining construction materials across a wide range of substrates. Market applications include construction, mobile and prefabricated housing, furniture, HVAC, and the production of RVs and speciality vehicles.

The cylinder, available in various sizes, releases a wide-web spray of fast-tacking industrial grade adhesive with heat resistance up to 190 degrees F. The adhesive, because of its high solids content , causes minimal overspray and soakage into the substrate, while maximizing its holding power, and combining a long open time for positional re-adjustments with a short dry time. 

According to the company, it is effective when used for waterproofing and protection from moisture, and for temporary of permanent bonding on a wide range of substrates. These include foam, polystyrene, wood, paper and cardboard, as well as felt and fabrics, various nylons and plastics, drainboard, FRP panels, fibreglass and insulation materials. 

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