New Pharmaceutical Label Adhesive Reduces Migration

Posted on 3/8/2017 12:31:34 PM By ASC

Test Institute ISEGA has confirmed that Herma’s new pharmaceutical label adhesive, HERMAperfectStick(63Mps), all but eliminates migration through PE packaging. In its tests, the Institute found that migration levels were undetectable despite the tests having been conducted using very thin PE film. With the pharmaceutical industry increasingly preferring PE packaging to glass, the need for adhesives that will not migrate through the lower-cost, shatterproof HDPE and LDPE it currently favours has grown.

Herma points out that since pharmaceutical packaging will be much thicker than the PE film used in the recent tests, product safety is even greater than the “undetectable” migration exhibited. Additional benefits of the new adhesive include its reliable performance on containers with small circumferences and its initial tack at low temperatures. This will make it compatible with high-speed pharmaceutical production lines. The adhesive is compatible with both paper and film labels.