New Packaging Recycling Program Helps Reduces Environmental Impact

Posted on 11/2/2017 11:20:12 AM By ASC

Henkel, manufacturers of adhesives such as the Loctite brand, introduced a recycling program for anaerobic adhesive packaging in 2016. To do so, the company partnered with TerraCycle, and the partnership has recently added light cure adhesive containers to its joint recycling program. Henkel’s clients simply purchase a box with postage prepaid, fill it with Loctite adhesive containers, and post it to TerraCycle. Once at the recycling plant, the containers are thermally treated so that they can be converted into new plastics.

Henkel says that the program is aligned with its commitment to reduce its environmental footprint throughout product lifecycles and that, by participating, its clients will be able to work towards improving their own sustainability profiles.  TerraCycle noted that the program expands on its existing relationship with Henkel and that its introduction of a recycling option for light cure adhesive containers will open new avenues for recycling to Henkel’s clients.