New One-Component Epoxy Resin Adhesives Helpful to Engineers

Posted on 11/5/2018 10:24:00 AM By ASC

Panacol’s new thermosetting single-component epoxy resin adhesives may have properties that will be helpful to engineers. They can conduct heat well and adhere strongly to metals, making them particularly promising for power electronics applications. The adhesive range, which is marketed under the brand-name Elecolit 6603, is flexible and its manufacturers say that it will be useful as a potting compound because its mineral-based fillers provide good electrical insulation properties comparable to that of thermally conductive adhesive tapes. 

Finally, Panacol says that its adhesive is versatile enough to be applied in a number of ways. It is suitable for screen printing, but it can also be applied using a dispenser or even be spread using a spreading knife or spatula. The company says that its new adhesives come in a variety of viscosities. Depending on where the adhesive will be used, formulations with greater heat conductivity or greater dielectric strength can be obtained.


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