New No Residue Water-Based Adhesive and Liner for Vinyl

Posted on 5/12/2021 7:39:40 AM By ASC

A new and advanced water-based adhesive which doesn’t leave a milky residue after wet application on films has been specifically formulated for the new Spandex ranges of permanent gloss and removable matt promotional adhesive vinyls for flat-surface applications as short term signage or removable graphics.   

The company reports that the new no-residue adhesive, formulated specially for them by ImagePerfect to form part of an advanced water-based adhesive system, will be used to attach the same high-quality film currently used for promotional vinyls, and a new high quality liner has been added to the existing materials.

A wider range of colors is also included for both the permanent signage and removable graphics vinyls, with a wider selection of brighter primary colors for signage, and a bigger selection of pastel, grey, and brown alternatives available for the removable wall graphics..