New N95 Mask Utilizes Adhesives Instead of Straps and Loops

Posted on 5/5/2021 8:01:10 AM By ASC

Avery Dennison Medical has partnered with Global Safety First in the formulation of a new NIOSH certified, FDA registered, and ISO 13485 and MDSAP compliant N95 face mask which relies on skin-friendly medical grade adhesives instead of straps and ear loops to keep them in place.  In production, three types of adhesives, soft silicone gel for soft hold, gentle acrylic for firmer hold, and synthetic rubber for the strongest bond, are used to meet different wearers’ needs, the average time they spend wearing the mask, and their activity and situation.


Hypoallergenic adhesives provide an air-tight seal around the entire perimeter of the mask, helping to ensure the air breathed in or out while wearing it, passes only through the in-built air-purifying filter material, composed of electrostatic particles. 

According to the company, this filtration system is able to filter more than 95% of the particles in inhaled or exhaled air, so protecting the wearer from viruses, bacteria, pollution, debris, smoke and other hazardous particles, as well as aerosols. 

With the exception of the synthetic rubber strong hold adhesive, which does not allow for repositioning, the adhesives on the perimeter of the mask can be repositioned and reapplied after temporary removal without substantial loss of adhesion. However, according to the company, the number of times this can be done depends on factors such as skin type, activity, and type of work being done while wearing it. The single-use N95 particulate respirator is only intended for reuse on a single day.

Applying the mask involves cleaning the face to ensure it’s free of excess oil and sweat, and leaving it to dry before using a mirror to check that the respirator is positioned correctly, the mask is horizontal under the eyes and rests on the cheek bones, and that there are no wrinkles in the mask. Applying the respirator can be done with fingertips.