New Method to Determine Bond Quality of Light Curing Adhesives Using Ultra-Red Fluorescence

Posted on 1/2/2020 11:41:33 AM By ASC

The Dymax Encompass light-curing range of adhesives, colored to fade from blue to clear to reveal the point at which the adhesive is fully cured and how long it takes to get there, has incorporated a second colour-related check, this time with regard to the quality of the bond made.

To achieve this, Dymax, which focuses on the manufacture of adhesives for precision medical and electronic devices, reports that it has incorporated Ultra-Red Fluorescence to assess the success of the bond once it has cured. When assessed manually or by automation, the adhesives will fluoresce  red under black light as a result of Ultra-Red technology. This allows for a bond-line quality check after curing.

According to the company, this check is particularly effective when bonding certain plastics like PVC and PET which usually flouresce blue which could be confused with the curing test which is all about the color blue.

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