New Line of Adhesive Labels Ensure Restaurant Takeout Orders are Tamper Free in Wake of COVID-19

Posted on 7/15/2020 4:12:17 PM By ASC

The adhesive & sealant industry has helped many manufacturers with solutions for PSA labels to help all types of industries and the public deal with COVID-19 concerns and safety protocols. One manufacturer, Dot It, has added a new adhesive label to its tamper-free range that aims at making sure the right restaurant take outs are matched with the right customers, and lower the chance of any contamination or tampering with the meals during delivery. The adhesive label can serve concurrently as receipt and tamper-proof sealer on customers’ restaurant take-out orders.

To achieve both these aims at the same time, the new register roll labels are issued by restaurants’ POS systems. Using this system enables order details to be included on the label, which is then printed for dual use as a receipt as well as for sealing take-out boxes in one process. According to the company, the labels are backed by a strong adhesive capable of bonding with a variety of substrates used in take-out packaging, including plastic, styro-foam, recycled material and paper. It is also able to hold its bond under heat lamps and on hot packaging.