New LED Cured Adhesive for Small-Gauge Needle Bonding

Posted on 6/20/2017 9:14:33 AM By ASC

A new needle bonding adhesive from Dymax will allow manufacturers to switch to LED cured adhesives. The company says that its new product provides superior bonding performance despite the small surface areas of cannula substrates and the adhesive, named 1406-M, is able to maintain strong bonds despite sterilization processes and aging. It has been designed for use in 385nm LED curing processes and will allow small gauge needle manufacturers to switch to LED curing without adversely affecting production speed or mechanical strength.

Dymax develops adhesives, coatings, and oligomers as well as the dispensing and light curing equipment required to implement its products in production lines across a wide variety of industries. The company is a supplier to the automotive, electronics, medical device, appliance, aerospace, automotive and metal finishing industries. Its products are developed with the aim of helping its clients to reduce costs while improving efficiency.