New Kit of Roll-on Solutions for Assembly Applications

Posted on 10/23/2019 7:05:00 AM By ASC

To make sure the right type of assembly solution to fit the job is easily accessible when it’s needed, Loctite has launched a boxed kit containing five of its QuickStix roll-ons each suitable for a different application, from threadlocker to thread sealing and anti-seize.

According to the company, the five sticks were chosen to cover a range likely to meet most common assembly requirements. Lined up in the box are the Loctite 248 BLUE general purpose medium strength threadlocker, and 268 RED high strength threadlocker, both suitable for use on metal substrates; the high performance 561 WHITE low pressure thread sealant for metal fittings ; and two anti-seize sticks, the LB 8065 Copper general purpose napthenic oil anti-seize, and LB 8070 BLACK heavy duty lubricant that’s compatible with aluminum, steel, nickel and titanium.

Also in the box is a quick tips guide providing professional tips and application information regarding each stick.

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