New Hybrid Injection Adhesive Has Extreme Load-Bearing Capacity

Posted on 12/12/2017 9:44:52 AM By ASC

B+BTec has announced the culmination of its latest product development initiative: a high-performance anchoring system that depends on its newly-developed injection adhesive. The product is used in conjunction with threaded rods and rebar and is used to reinforce concrete structures. The formulation has been assessed with an ETA Option and was found to be suitable as an all-terrain anchoring solution.

Apart from its high load bearing capacity, it cures in just 30 minutes at room temperature, can be used in flooded holes and tolerates extremely high temperatures. Its ability to maintain its integrity during short exposure to temperatures of 160˚C and longer-term exposure to a temperature of 100˚C makes it suitable for use in the construction of areas surrounding blast furnaces.

Finally, the new system, when used with threaded rods M8 – M30 and rebar diameter of 8mm – 32mm, has achieved C1 classification.