New Hot Melt Adhesive Technology Helps Protect and Preserve Vaccines During Storage

Posted on 3/4/2021 12:25:06 PM By Packaging News

Using hot melt technology, and with special emphasis on vaccines during the Covid-19 pandemic, H.B. Fuller has produced adhesive grades capable of bonding product packaging with tamper evident tear securely at -70° C the temperature at which some vaccines must be stored.

According to the company, the new adhesives will protect and preserve vaccines and other pharmaceutical medication while it’s kept in extreme cold storage, as well as during its transportation from filling to patient. This, the company reports, will simplify the logistics involved in transportation and reduce the need for ultra-low-temperature freezers to be installed at vaccination centers.

The company reports that the packaging adhesives which are resistant to extreme cold, are also aimed at coping with the threat of tough surfaces and harsh conditions brought about by high speed packaging lines without counter pressure.