New Hose to Combat Adhesive Degradation and Clogged Nozzle Downtime

Posted on 1/25/2017 12:04:39 PM By ASC

Nordson has announced the release of a patent-pending hose that will reduce downtime for businesses using its equipment to apply hot melt or standard adhesives. The hose prevents adhesive degradation, reducing downtime as a result of clogged nozzles and ensuring that adhesives applied will be free of contamination that affects performance and final product quality.

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The company says that its PureFlow hose is expected to have twice the life-span of regular hoses. It can be used to replace the Blue Series hoses which, though they had a long life-span, are nevertheless not as long-lasting as the new innovation. Nordson's PureFlow hoses will be manufactured in the same standard lengths and will have the same flexibility as Blue Series hoses. RediFlex II hangers are included with the hoses. The hoses can be used without RediFlex II frame mounts, but if Nordson clients wish to make use of the hangers, the parent machine can be equipped with mounts.