New High Temperature Hook And Loop Fastening Tapes

Posted on 6/26/2019 7:56:00 AM By ASC

3M has introduced an adhesive-backed reusable fastening tape for indoor and outdoor use which the company says is capable of withstanding temperatures close to boiling point, and able to outlast 5,000 closures. 

By doing so, the company plans to take a stronger adhesive version of the hook and loop tape system, once best known for its use on backpacks and shoe straps, into a wide range of manufacturing sectors and perform a number of functions.

These include using the tape for mounting seat backs and cushions in assembling aerospace and speciality vehicles; attaching displays and signs in the retail industry, and for medical brace closures and attachments.

The reclosable fastening system that can resist temperatures up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, is made up of teaming up two separate tapes. SJ60H provides the hooks, and SJOH the loops, both made out of woven nylon. The tapes are backed by adhesives for mounting purposes.


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