New High-Performance Anaerobic Adhesives to Electronic Manufacturing Range

Posted on 10/13/2021 10:52:46 AM By ASC

Bostik has added a new high-performance anaerobic adhesives range to its Born2Bond engineering range. The company says the addition of the range was added to increase the reliability of bonding in electronic manufacturing, as well as making it more cost effective and convenient than existing mechanical fastenings such as gaskets, washers, pins, tapes and hemps.

The company reports that the new range will include instant, light cure, high-performance (HM-PUR), and gasketing (UV-CIPG) adhesives, all designed to assist engineers, particularly in the automotive, electronics, luxury goods, medical devices, general assembly, preventative maintenance, repair, and operations. This is aimed at meeting environment and safety regulations; facing the challenges inherent in more complex and smaller designs; and assisting in the development of more adaptable and faster processes.

According to Bostik, the adhesives in the range meet all these requirements by reducing inventory requirements, increased reliability and versatility, and by offering protection against corrosion, and resisting vibration, chemicals, and heat.

The company reports that products in the range are designed for by-the-dot bonding of metal to metal. They provide the strength and reliability required for both critical solutions and preventative maintenance, offering 100% substrate-to-substrate contact, and high resistance to wear and tear.

Included in the range are adhesives which, depending on the category and product, can offer solutions such as heat resistance which can reach up to 230°C, while other single-component adhesives provide non-solvent-based and multiple-strength/viscosity alternatives to threadlocking, gasketing, pipe sealing, and retaining. Also included is a pre-bonding cleaner which leaves no residue; an adhesive and gasket remover; and an anaerobic activator which speeds up curing.