New Green Bond Created to help Fund Sustainable Polymide Manufacture

Posted on 10/27/2020 7:44:04 AM By Street Insider

Arkema has launched its first Green Bond in a bid to raise funding for a world-scale manufacturing plant in Singapore it reports will use state-of-the-art technology for the production of its bio-based chemicals. The company reports that the manufacturing plant, scheduled for completion in 2022, is designed to maximize its efficiency, and minimize its environmental impact, so forming the ideal backdrop for the production of its existing polymer, Rilsan Polymide 11, which is based on fully renewable and sustainable castor oil, and a new 100% bio-based amino 11 monomer which is still in the planning stages.

According to Arkema, the demand for new and sustainable materials is continuing to grow in fast growing sectors like the assembly of new energy vehicles and 3D printing, as well as in other mobility and consumer goods sectors. The planned manufacturing plant is to be utilized to push the current Polyamide 11 still further in terms of its properties, and to boost its performance in very demanding applications, so as to continue to contribute to the development of sustainable solutions.