New General Purpose Structural Adhesive Put to Extreme Test – Towing a Freight Train

Posted on 1/29/2019 11:34:49 AM By ASC

Henkel reports that its new structural adhesives make “limitless design” possible. Structural adhesives may not be the design features we see, but they make many of them possible.

To show just what its general purpose structural adhesives are capable of, Henkel staged a dramatic demonstration. Using just three grams of adhesive, technicians bonded together two metal plates that coupled a locomotive to a freight train – a load of 208 tons.  The branded locomotive then proceeded to tow the load, with the bond tolerating additional stresses such as those incurred when negotiating bends.

The company says that its structural adhesives are low hazard structural adhesives that allow for high performance bonding between a wide variety of substrates even when the substrates to be bonded are dissimilar. The company offers a consulting service to assist its clients in choosing an adhesive that has been engineered to fulfill their requirements.

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