New Full-Wrap Labeling for Food Packaging

Posted on 11/8/2018 12:02:46 PM By ASC

UPM Raflatac, in cooperation with MULTIVAC, has developed a full-wrap adhesive label for food packaging. The company says that this development will allow its clients to differentiate themselves and present their products in a more appealing way since it offers a great many design options that cannot be achieved with regular labels.

Apart from allowing for a greater variety of label shapes, the wrap solution will be compatible with a variety of packaging types including vacuum skin packs, trays, clamshells, and thermoformed MAP packs. Efficiency in the labeling process provides yet another advantage since fewer reel changes are required, and this results in less downtime and reduced start-up waste.

While product presentation is important, UPM Raflatac says it has also taken sustainability into account. The labels’ backing paper is fully recyclable. The company says that during their lifecycle, the full wrap labels will reduce energy and water consumption and generate less waste than regular paper labels.