New Fold-and-Seal Shipping Packaging for Online Purchases

Posted on 8/27/2019 7:17:57 AM By ASC

With its new Flex & Seal packaging material, 3M aims at reducing the time, space and materials involved in shipping small products by cutting down the need for tape, oversized boxes and superfluous stuffing. According to the company, the roll of packaging material is designed for parcelling the reasonably lightweight items (under 3 lb) that account for almost 60% of products bought online. 

The wrapping material is a sandwich of three layers of plastic, all specially designed to meet different requirements required by packaging material. It starts with an inner gray adhesive sheet to secure the enclosed object, and is topped with a water and tear resistant cover sheet. Between these is a cushioning layer to protect the enclosed object against damage during shipping and delivery.

The material is turned into a envelope-like shipping package by cutting a suitable length from the roll of packaging material and folding it over the object that’s placed on the adhesive layer.

According to 3M, while the material will not adhere to the enclosed object, pressing the edges of the adhesive seal together will create a seal within 30 seconds that will be strong enough to require cutting or tearing to break it. Already available in 10, 20 and 40ft rolls, a 200ft bulk roll is due for launch soon.


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