New Flooring Self-Leveling Underlayment Launched to Cut Time, Effort and Cost

Posted on 4/30/2020 9:48:04 AM By ASC

According to TEC, the new high-flow Level Set 500 HF is aimed at doing just that, cutting back on the time, effort and costs involved in floor covering application. It does this by producing a smooth enough surface to remove the need for skim coating and sanding, as well as by reducing the curing time involved, and extending the adhesive coverage.

TEC reports that, depending on the substrate and adhesive involved, the new product is capable of extending the coverage of the floor adhesive and allows for quicker application and reduced curing time. According to the company, ceramic tiles could be walkable within two or three hours, and moisture-sensitive floor coverings installed within 15 hours rather than the 24 hours currently allocated to this process.

The company reports that Level Set 500 HF is compatible with most floor coverings, among them wood, and the vinyl planks designed to look like it, vinyl sheets and linoleum, as well as porcelain, ceramic and vinyl composition tiles. The self-leveling calcium aluminate-based product can also be used on a wide array of substrates ranging from concrete to cement backerboard and pavers; hardwood, plywood, and gypsum substrates; as well as metal, tile, terrazzo and VCT or engineered lumber. 

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