New Fast Cure Silicone Adhesive for Automotive Assembly Operations

Posted on 10/24/2019 7:09:44 AM By ASC

Dow has launched a new two-part silicone adhesive for automotive assembly the company reports can be cured fast at room temperature without affecting the performance of the adhesive.

According to DOW, the DOWSIL EA-4700 CV adhesive will also remain stable at high temperatures after curing, and maintain its performance in operational environments where temperatures of 150°C, thermal shock, and relative humidity of 85°C/85% are common, when used for bonding to substrates like PPS, PBT and aluminium typically used in the electronics, battery packs, gasket sealing, and ADAS sensors involved in automotive assembly. The company also reports that the adhesive is capable of six times elongation for use in larger modules.

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