New Epoxy Adhesive Series for Electrical Bonding

Posted on 11/24/2020 10:08:24 AM By iConnect007

Albany, NY based Creative Materials has released a new series of epoxy adhesives (the 128-32)  which the company reports provide excellent adhesion to a number of metallic and other substrates in a wide range of electrical attachment and bonding applications.

The B-stageable silver-filled one component epoxy adhesives use a low reactivity curing agent which can be partially cured or pre-dried as an initial stage after being applied to one substrate. For curing, the series offers a choice of a snap cure at higher temperatures with longer working time, or a faster cure at lower temperatures. The adhesives are also anistropically conductive (with the 128-32FP featuring a higher pitch) to ensure no variation in conduction resistance is experienced when among linear terminals or bumps.

According to the company, the series can be used in a wide range of electrical applications such as conductive splicing of ribbon cables, bonding of flex circuits to PC boards and electroluminescent panels, for preventing shorts where closely-spaced contacts could cause concern.