Health & Safety Thread Lockers Offer Patented Cure Chemistry for Zinc-coated Fasteners

Posted on 12/30/2020 11:00:25 AM By DPA on the Net

Henkel has added new patented cure chemistry to the WRAS approved adhesive thread lockers which form part of its hazard-label-free engineering Loctite adhesives range. The reformulated chemistry is specifically aimed at ensuring optimum performance on anti-corrosion zinc-flake coated fasteners, as well as substrates like zinc dichromate and stainless steel.

The zinc-flake coating, which oxidizes in order to protect the fastener inside it, according to Henkel, is more resistant to corrosion and avoids the risk of hydrogen embrittlement which can compromise load-bearing in zinc-plated and chrome-based fasteners.

According to the company, adhesive thread locking ensures a threaded assembly remains locked and leak-proof for its entire service life by filling the grooves between the threads with adhesives which, when exposed to active metal ions in the absence of air, cure to a hard, thermoset plastic. Henkel reports that this process of locking the threads together seals the threads, preventing leakage and corrosion as well as stopping the fasteners from unwanted movement or loosening.