New Cord and Fluid Pipe Thread Sealants Approved for Gas

Posted on 11/7/2019 12:24:10 PM By ASC

According to Loctite, while its two pipe thread sealers differ in composition, function and method of operation, both its 55 thread sealing cord, and its 577 liquid pipe sealant have been approved for gas, and the Loctite 55 has the added benefit of having been approved for use with potable water as well.

Loctite reports that the Loctite 55 thread sealing cord allows for immediate full-pressure sealing with no cure time when used on either tapered, parallel, or a combination of both, threaded plastic or metal pipes and fittings, and allows for realignment of fittings after the assembly has been completed.

According to Loctite the 577 medium strength liquid pipe thread sealant fills the space between threaded parts, and both seals and locks at the same time. Like the 55 it provides an immediate low pressure seal on metal pipes and fittings, which doesn’t shrink or creep, and is both thermal and chemical resistant. Pipes up to 3inches in diameter can be sealed against gases and solvents.

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