New Conductive Epoxy Adhesive for Space-Environment Assembly

Posted on 10/10/2019 7:09:42 AM By ASC

Master Bond has expanded its range of adhesives which have passed the NASA low outgassing test with a new two-component silver-filled conductive epoxy, EP21TDCS-LO, aimed at dealing with harsh conditions like temperature and pressure extremes experienced in space-environment assemblies.

According to Master Bond, electromechanical assemblies in this sort of environment  rely strongly on how robust and reliable the bonds are between conductive components. A bond failure between these components at only one point could spread quickly through the electrical and mechanical systems and endanger both the lives of the crew and the integrity of the spacecraft.

The company reports that the development of the EP21TDCS-LO had therefore focused on low volume resistivity; high strength and flexibility in conductive bonds between different materials; and its durability despite the extended thermal, mechanical and electric stress the bond could face if used in space. The polymer system, still workable for about 40 minutes after application, will cure in only one to two hours at 200°F, but take one to two days to do so at room temperature. 

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